Extending the CodeIgniter Database Utility Class

You’d like to take advantage of CodeIgniter’s built-in database backup function as described here…


As you can see, only the mysql PHP database extension is supported. However, since the mysql PHP database extension has been deprecated, maybe you’re using another PHP database extension like mysqli instead. Now the problem is that you can no longer use CodeIgniter’s built-in database backup function without getting this error…

Unsupported feature of the database platform you are using.

The error simply means that if you use any PHP database extension besides mysql, there is no function included within any of CodeIgniter’s database drivers’ utility file for doing the backup.

No problem, we’ll just “extend” CodeIgniter’s database class.

Wrong! As per documentation,

Note: The Database classes can not be extended or replaced with your own classes.

Despite this limitation, there is a workaround below that will not involve editing CodeIgniter’s core system files.

Instead, we’ll simply “extend” CodeIgniter’s Loader class. Within this custom Loader, we’ll only copy and slightly modify the dbutil() function. Study the function below and compare it to the original. I simply check for the existence of my custom utility driver file and load it in place of the default.

application/core/MY_Loader.php contains…

Now we need to find the database driver that we’re using. For mysqli, it should be located within system/database/drivers/mysqli/mysqli_utility.php. This file contains the _backup() function and you can see that it’s empty (“unsupported”).

Create an exact duplicate of this file; rename it MY_DB_mysqli_utility.php and place it here…


Everything within this file should remain the same as the original, except for the name of the class and the contents of the _backup() function…

NOW you can put whatever code you see fit into this version of the _backup() function. I’m not going to tell you how to do this, but you could look inside of system/database/drivers/mysql/mysql_utility.php for some inspiration. You could also try the backup function suggested in this posting, which seems to be working.

The advantages to my technique are as follows…

– Updating the CodeIgniter system files leaves this solution intact.
– Changing the dbdriver setting in config/database.php will simply cause a fallback to the selected database utility driver. This solution is specific to one particular database driver (mysqli).
– Removing the MY_Loader.php file causes a fallback to the default database utility driver.
– Removing the MY_DB_mysqli_utility.php file causes a fallback to the default database utility driver.
– Update any other database utility driver by changing mysqli where-ever appropriate.

Note: This solution was successfully performed using CodeIgniter v2.2.0.

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  1. Is that possible to use DB_forge inside DB_utility..??
    I want to hide some must needed query inside DB_utility. This will creates tables into my database. So what is the best or right way?
    Thank you in advance.

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